Local Krav Maga Gradings

british krav maga gradings We are able to to deliver gradings sanctioned by the British Krav Maga Association right here at the club. The Association authorises Instructors to run a number of local gradings and provides an external assessor for P.3, and P.6 or above.

To grade, students must be authorised by the local instructor, me in this case, and be training regularly. You need to be comfortable with the grading syllabus. We typically run a practice grading prior to the real event.

We received the following advice from the UK Training Director.

‘Please remember that Krav Maga is a survival system, not a recreational martial art. The grading process is designed to measure whether the student can apply the Krav realistic conditions. In effect, this means successfully applying the principles and techniques against resisting attackers in the most realistic conditions that safety permits.  Going through the motions does not count’

Paul Grey.  Training Director

 You can find more information on the National Curricula on the main British Krav Maga Association site.



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