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    Krav Maga Kent Instructor Chris Holland




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    Class/Location – Maidstone, Thanet area

    Service offered – Classes, Seminars – Personal Training

    Training Nights – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday -Thursday

    BKMA Certifications – Graduate Instructor

    Certified Military Krav Maga Instructor

    Contact number 07861 468510

    Instructor Bio

    I have always been motivated by health, fitness and self-defence. I work hard to keep fit, playing rugby, throwing bags around and making up elaborate circuits. It was this lifestyle and the constant pursuit of a challenge that lead me to join the Royal Marines Commando.


    After 32 weeks of some of the most grueling military training in the world,  I was awarded my Green Beret and joined a fighting unit within the Corps. In the Corps I became a Platoons weapon specialist’ (PW3) and began the process of learning how to teach skills with a wide range of abilities.


    On top of an already busy lifestyle I still found time to help with a family business and take groups for team building courses and run our Assault course. Within the Corps I was still able to pursuit my rugby in and out of the Marines. Also I was keen to try the different self defence systems we use.


    I have been fortunate enough in the Royal Marines to train with many countries and try various disciplines.  After working with my US counterparts it was there I had my first slice of Krav Maga. It was a practical, effective and I was hooked.

    However thinking it was just another great experience I had to carry on with duties at hand. On returning back from Afghanistan in 2010 I found an advert for Krav Maga in Taunton and I jumped at it.I trained with Mark Edwards, (Krav Maga Taunton), for 4 years and enjoyed every minute of it.Taking part in many seminars and the Level  3 grading’s I wanted to test myself further and become an instructor with the BKMA. This allowed me to pursue my passion foir Krav Maga  full time.I have now completed the BKMA 21 Day Professional Instructor course.My Krav Maga training combined operational experience in the in the Marine Corps in places like Afghanistan helps me to bring some extra value to training.